Highlights Physics World  July 2022

Achintya Rao recollects the day 10 years ago when CERN announced the Higgs boson discovery

A hazy shade of blue: why Uranus and Neptune differ

Frontiers: Japanese weather satellite explains Betelgeuse’s odd dimming

News: Interim ITER boss Eisuke Tada after Bernard Bigot’s death

News: Gaia releases new Milky Way maps

News: Citations in science biased to a handful of nations

Critical Point: What did Peter Higgs’s tears mean for physics?

Transactions: Could this plane be the future of air travel?

Forum: Rikke Plougmann: why we need better PhD supervisors

Features: Helen Edwards – pioneer of Fermilab’s Tevatron

Interview: Lia Merminga – the first woman to head Fermilab

Features: How will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine damage high-energy physics?

Jim Grozier reviews <em>The Importance of Being Interested</em> by Robin Ince

Reviews: Achintya Rao reviews <em>Elusive</em> by Frank Close

Careers: Freya Blekman: the joy of big-science collaborations

The latest physics jobs and courses

Lateral Thoughts: What have we found 10 years after the Higgs?