Highlights Physics World  October 2021

Editorial: Challenges for the COP26 summit

Frontiers: Are high-energy neutrinos lurking in SN1987A?

News: Tibet picked as ideal spot for stargazing

News: But women more likely to experience author disputes

News: Astrophysicist Roberto Soria: my life in China

News: Physicist Baktash Amini on the situation in his home country

Transactions: Why businesses can help climate change

Critical Point: William Magwood: fighting for nuclear

Forum: Why ‘new zero’ needs new nuclear

Feature: Can we spot alien life via their ‘technosignatures’?

Feature: Proton arc therapy: a life-saving treatment?

Reviews: The Disordered Cosmos by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

The latest books on climate and the environment

Careers: Green jobs for physics graduates

The latest physics jobs and courses

Lateral Thoughts: The scientist ahead of climate change