Highlights Physics World  June 2021

Feature: Shape shifting: topology gets a fluid makeover

Quanta: Van Gogh’s The Starry Night shrinks in size

Frontiers: Revealed: the physics of skipping stones

News: Publishers announce trans-inclusive name-change policies

News: Robert Willis on an “ethical hack” of the US lab

News: Science has moved online during the pandemic

News: 2020: Europe’s hottest year on record

Encouraging under-represented groups into physics

Forum: Speaking out on impostor syndrome

Transactions: The art of securing cash from venture capitalists

Critical Point: Why we end up looking only where we can

<em>BattleBots</em>, Cecilia Payne and science and religion

Feature: What does physics look like?

Feature: Solving the proton puzzle

Reviews: David Appell reviews “Lightspeed” by John Spence

Reviews: Philip Ball reviews <em>The Science of Can and Can’t</em>

Careers: Luz Ángela García: an astronomer in South America

Careers: Advice and tips from Jim Al-Khalili

The latest physics jobs and courses

Lateral thoughts: A funny thing happened on my way to class