Highlights Physics World  March 2021

Features: How DNA can make new kinds of topological soft materials

Quanta: Your future house on the Moon

Frontiers: China dark-matter detector hints at new physics

Sarah Al Amiri, chair of UAE Space Agency, on its Hope craft

News: France unveils quantum technology boost

News: Concerns raised as Oxford renames physics chair

Forum: Why science-careers advice is vital for children

Caitlin Duffy: We must combat scientific misinformation

Transactions: The solution to climate change under your feet?

Critical Point: What this US Capitol painting tells us about science

Feedback: Breaking down barriers for Black physicists

Features: Archaeology sheds light on our magnetic past

Features: Rising stars tackle Einstein's “biggest blunder”

Reviews: On the hunt for superheavy elements

Reviews: The science of life deep underwater

Rethinking nuclear for a greener planet

The latest physics jobs and courses

Lateral Thoughts: Celebrating the physics of black holes