Highlights Physics World  December 2020

Features: The technology behind smart speakers

Quanta: Meet the 30-micron-long boat-shaped virus

Frontiers: Heavy elements cause hefty debate

News: ‘Delight’ as Biden elected US president

News: Second cable failure calls time on Arecibo observatory

Geronimo Villanueva told Jane Greaves to pull her life-on-Venus paper

Editorial: Why we won’t be misty-eyed about 2020

Pruthvi Metha: Why the TMT is a “stain” on astronomy

Transactions: The forgotten technology that keeps improving

Why your view of the scientific method is probably wrong

Features: John Bell and his views on quantum physics

Reviews: Following the first stars

Kellie Gerardi: ambassador for the Space Age

Careers: Brooke Russell and Tamia Williams on being #BlackInPhysics

Ask me anything: Engineer and diversity pioneer Carol Marsh

The latest physics jobs and courses

Lateral Thoughts: By the light of the silvery squoon