Highlights Physics World  November 2020

A century of change: the Institute of Physics turns 100

Can snow spot fibres spewed from your tumble dryer?

Frontiers: Room-temperature superconductivity spotted (under huge pressure)

Andrea Ghez on being only the fourth female physics Nobel laureate

News: Celebrating Black physicists

Forum: Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: Eyes on the prize

Forum: Jess Wade: Making a difference where it matters

Forum: Nicolas Labrosse: Supporting the next generation

Forum: Caitlin Duffy: Keeping up with opportunities

Transactions: Getting ready for a quantum world

Critical point: The woman who pioneered the Protein Data Bank

Rewarding women properly in the workplace

Feature: Ferroelectricity: a century of success

Feature: Using physics to make air travel greener

Reviews: Sara Seager’s hunt for other Earths

Reviews: The magic and wonder of black holes

Overcoming obstacles to career success

Careers: quantum pioneer Michelle Simmons

The latest physics jobs and courses

Why expertise has a dirty name