Highlights Physics World  June 2020

Features: Creating floating displays with acoustic levitation

Quanta: PhD student leads University Challenge winning team

Frontiers: Viscosity doesn’t get any less than this

Frontiers: Fungi grow faster when lightning strikes

News: US students hit by extra demands

News: From “techno-turkey” to iconic observatory

Katsuhiko Sato, four decades after inflation was first envisaged

Forum: COVID-19: don’t press pause on innovation

Transactions: On video-conferencing more and travelling less

Critical Point: How do you feel when new discoveries are made?

Features: How far-UV light could help the next pandemic

Features: Why ultrafast is ultra-good for medical physics

Stephen Wolfram in the spotlight

Reviews: How imagination is critical for science and art

Online linac training for medical physicists

Careers: Ask me anything: Sarah Cruddas

The latest physics jobs and courses

From the lab to the courtroom