Employer directory Physics World  February 2019

National Physical Laboratory

We are an exemplary national laboratory that undertakes excellent science, engineering and technology to deliver extraordinary impact for the UK. From accelerating new antibiotics and more effective cancer treatments, to developing unhackable quantum communications and superfast 5G, our people have been building on more than a century’s worth of expertise to provide the foundation and to help make the impossible possible.

Why work for us

As a national laboratory, we’re exploring many commercial routes to market and that’s presenting us with greater opportunity – for you and us. Our success relies on the diversity and talent of our people, and we strive to nurture and respect individuals to ensure that everyone feels valued and supported to excel in their chosen field. We believe in a culture of fairness by treating everyone on the basis of their own individual merits and abilities regardless of their own or perceived identity, background or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

Training and development

NPL provides a comprehensive learning and development offering to support its employees. This includes scientific training in metrology and measurement uncertainty, as well as technical training in the use of equipment, software and measurement techniques. There is a programme of development for managers and leaders as well as core skills learning for all, e.g. in communication and wellbeing. We also have well-developed career pathways and offer coaching and mentoring across the business.

What we are looking for

This is your chance to get involved in our ground-breaking work as you apply your established knowledge and solutions to a range of technical activities. As we’re always looking to stretch our capabilities, we’ll look to you to spot potential commercial opportunities and to help raise our profile as and when you can. We work as a team here, so any learnings you do make, we’ll expect you to share to support in our continued development. Naturally, you’ll keep your technical knowledge up to speed with the latest advances and take responsibility for completing your work to the highest standards, on time and within budget.


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