Employer directory Physics World  February 2019

Institute of High Energy Physics – Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), a Chinese Academy of Sciences research institute, is China’s biggest laboratory for the study of particle physics. We want to understand the universe better at the most fundamental level – from the smallest subatomic particles to the large-scale structure of the cosmos. We also want to use the knowledge and technology that comes from our research for the good of humanity. As well as theoretical and experimental research into particle and astroparticle physics, we have a broad range of research in related fields such as accelerator technologies and nuclear analysis techniques. The institute also provides beam facilities for researchers in other fields of study.

Why work for us

Working at IHEP are more than 1400 full-time staff, 600 postdocs and graduate students. Particle physics is a very collaborative and international field, and we have partnerships and experiment collaborations with dozens of universities and research institutions across China and worldwide.

We have doctoral programmes in six scientific fields, as well as engineering doctoral programmes in nuclear technology and computer technology. We also offer five full-time professional master’s degree programnes in engineering. For those at a later stage in their careers, we offer formal postdoctoral training in physics and in nuclear science and technology.

Recruitment objectives

Based on the needs of the research areas and the disciplines development of IHEP, we are now publicly recruiting overseas outstanding talents and scholars of relevant disciplines who possess research abilities and innovation awareness.

Research areas

Experimental particle and nuclear physics, theoretical physics, astronomy and astrophysics, nuclear technology, multidisciplinary research, accelerators, neutron physics and condensed matter physics.

What we are looking for

We are always looking for more scientists and engineers, at all career stages, to join us in exploring this amazing universe. Whether you are a student, postdoc or established career scientist, why not consider bringing your skills to IHEP? There are long- and short-term opportunities available in our world-class research programmes, including high-energy physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, synchrotron radiation and advanced accelerator physics.

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