Welcome Physics World  February 2019

Open doors and minds

Tushna Commissariat, editor of Physics World Careers, helps you explore your career options

(Irina Ostapenko Ken Yan Photography Noel Bakhtian Toshiro Tsubouchi)

A degree in physics is a brilliant starting point for a diverse range of careers, be it in scientific research, industry, finance, education, IT and much more besides. But the broadness of the discipline means that picking the right path for you is not always straightforward. That’s where our annual Physics World Careers guide can help to focus your mind. It’s packed with careers advice and analysis; insightful case studies showcasing career options; and a comprehensive employer directory, full of companies looking to hire physicists just like you.

Our case studies have been penned by real physics graduates, working in everything from material science and astroparticle physics, to environmental studies and terahertz imaging. The 2019 guide also includes a bumper article on careers in medical physics. As well as giving you an overview of what’s on offer in the field, you’ll get to meet eight physicists working in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, detector physics, computational simulations and more. The article reveals what the day-to-day life is really like for medical physicists in a diagnostic, clinical or industrial setting.

Another new offering in the 2019 guide is the “Start-up stories” section, in which you can meet the bold researchers who’ve taken the plunge and set up their own businesses. Coming from research fields such as printable electronics and neutron science, these researchers share the lessons learned from their brave ventures – and if you feel inspired to take the leap yourself, be sure to check out our “Skills for start-ups” article about setting up a successful business.

But if you’re looking for a real change of scenery, then take a peek at our “Beyond physics” section, where we interview trained physicists who are now in very different careers, ranging from public health and science policy, to film making and photography.

The 2019 Physics World Careers guide is truly representative of the wide scope of stimulating and inspiring careers available to physicists all over the globe, and I hope that it helps you on your own special path.