Employer directory Physics World  February 2019


For more than 60 years AWE has supported national security by delivering warheads for the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent. We are a team of remarkable people achieving extraordinary things. Scientists, engineers and business professionals, from all kind of backgrounds in all kinds of roles, work together to deliver our mission and keep our world safe and secure.

As well as providing and maintaining nuclear warheads, we also support UK government by developing innovative solutions to combat nuclear threats. With some of the most advanced research and production facilities in the world, AWE is a place where you can grow your knowledge with extraordinary challenges, unparalleled responsibility and unique technology.The work we do makes a real difference, nationally and locally. It is vitally important work that we’re proud to do.

Why work for us

AWE offers you the chance to advance your career in science by joining one of the nation’s largest hi-tech research, development and production companies.

Training and development

Your training and development will be as unique as you are. On our Future Careers Programme for Graduates, you will undertake planned activities that are designed to:

  • develop your technical skills
  • understand your business area and the requirements placed on you
  • provide a foundation for the development of future management skills
  • introduce you to leadership
  • develop personal insights to help you grow as an individual

On top of that, AWE will support you in achieving professional registration in your chosen field.

Graduate schemes

Our Future Careers Programme for Graduates fits around you and your role, giving you a wealth of opportunity to work on live projects while also continuing training and development in your chosen field. The programme is wide-ranging, which means there is no one size fits all. There are some core activities that all graduates undertake, but the rest is up to you and your network to decide what personal and professional development will benefit your career.

What we are looking for

We offer opportunities for physics graduates and experienced physicists at various stages of their career who want to advance their profession while also playing a vital role to support our mission to deliver national security solutions.


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